Sexual Harassment


In California there are two main types of sexual harassment: (1) quid pro quo; and (2) hostile work environment.  Quid pro quo occurs when an employer, supervisor, or other co-worker requests, suggests, or insinuates that a sexual favor is required in exchange for a work benefit, such as being hired, promoted, not being fired, having job security, etc.  Hostile work environment occurs when the work environment becomes or feels hostile due to the inappropriate sexual conduct of an employer, supervisor, or other co-worker.  This may include the sharing of pornography, the telling of sexual jokes, requesting sexual favors, massages, or other inappropriate touching or actually engaging in such conduct.

Sexual harassment may occur even if it is not directed at you.  For example, if your boss is constantly telling vulgar sexual jokes to other people and not directed at you, but you over-ear these jokes, you might be the victim of hostile work environment sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment may occur in many ways and may or may not include touching.  It may be based on ones gender, sexual orientation, and/or sexual identification.

In California employers must protect employees from sexual harassment.  If you have experienced what you believe may be sexual harassment contact Bitton & Associates immediately for  free consultation. (310) 356-1006.