Wage & Hour – Individual and Class Action


At Bitton & Associates we fight for your wages with a multi-faceted approach we call WageBattletm.  Employers look for all kinds of creative schemes to avoid paying employees as required by law.  Some employer do it to exploit employees while others are simply misinformed or using outdated wage practices.  Regardless of the reason, the employee should not suffer.  As a California employee you have rights.

Typical wage and hour violations include:

  1. Failure to pay wages for all hours worked
  2. Failure to pay overtime and double time wages
  3. Withholding tips, spiffs, commissions and bonuses
  4. Miscalculating wages and overtime
  5. Misclassification of an hourly employee as a salaried employee – If you are paid a salary below $41,600.00 a year Call Us Now, you might be misclassified and owed substantial overtime and other damages.
  6. Misclassification of an employees as in independent contactor
  7. Failure to reimburse employee expenses, mileage, and use of cell phone
  8. Employer’s failure to provide or make available lunch breaks
  9. Employer’s failure to provide or make available rest breaks
  10. Untimely paying all monies owed to an employeed after termination or resignation
  11. Not providing mandated sick pay
  12. Not providing accurate wage statements
  13. Failure to reimburse for tool usage
  14. Failure to provide uniform maintance

There are many more wage and hour violations that employees endure.  The attorneys at Bitton & Assocaites have significant knowledge and experience with the art of WageBattletm.  We fight for your wage and hour rights and if there is no recovery there is no fee.

Bitton & Associates represents clients in individual cases, in multi-employee cases and in class action lawsuits throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area and California.

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